Cognitive Remediation:  This type of treatment can help to improve weaknesses in cognitive abilities such as attention, working memory, “executive functions” and memory.  It can help an individual maximize their potential and progress to the most independent level of brain functioning possible.  Following a neuropsychological evaluation, programs can be tailored to the person’s background, abilities and interests.

We are a qualified Cogmed practice.  Cogmed is an evidenced-based program for training working memory/attention.   The Cogmed training method is led by a qualified coach who works with the user to determine eligibility, set up an appropriate training schedule, and provide structure, motivation and feedback on progress towards goals.  After initial interview and start-up sessions, the program is completed at home through a computer with regular coaching calls and follow-up sessions.  Cogmed is not covered by insurance. Please contact us for further details at  Further details about the program are also available here => About Cogmed

Cogmed Qualified Practice


Psychotherapy: Empirically supported and culturally informed therapy can be provided or appropriate referrals can be made to help individuals and families coping with a variety of emotional, cognitive and physical concerns.  A comprehensive evaluation can be very helpful towards determining psychotherapy needs and identifying treatment goals.   

What is a Neuropsychological Assessment?What is a Neuropsychological Assessment?

What is a Neuropsychological Assessment?

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What Conditions Can Be Evaluated?

How Can a Neuropsychological Assessment Help?How Can a Neuropsychological Assessment Help?

How Can a Neuropsychological Assessment Help?

Early diagnosis and intervention is key for the best outcomes. To learn more click here.

What's Involved in a Neuropsychological Assessment?What's Involved in a Neuropsychological Assessment?

What's Involved in a Neuropsychological Assessment?

A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation can take between 2-8 hours, with breaks as needed. Learn more here.